I loved working with Amanda and recommend her to anyone looking for new ways to help clear the clutter that we tend to let pile up in out mind. She will push you to take on new challenges with confidence big or small while cheering you on along the way. Her sessions provide a safe space to speak your mind without feeling judged.

Amanda S

Working with Amanda felt easy. Rooted in familial honesty with the light heart of a genuine friendship, our chats left me with a fire inside, ready to make the next decisions towards being more "me"

Adri T

I highly recommend working with Amanda!  I immediately felt at ease talking to her and always looked forward to our weekly Zoom meetings.  You can tell she’s genuine in her intentions and approach to help guide you through the program. Amanda is the perfect balance of being supportive and understanding while also holding you accountable.  She reserves judgment, helps identify why you came to certain conclusions, and gives thoughtful strategy on how to overcome your own doubt.  I couldn’t have signed up with a better coach and know she will continue to help many more. 

Jamie S