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Meet Your Coach

Corporate Woman & Anxiety Coach

Yes, I do both! I have been a part of the corporate sales world for 5 years! Its a busy and stressful world to live in, edge of your seat by the skin of your pants kind of thing. But the rush feels great! (When your in a healthy state of mind and you have a great work force around you of course…)

It wasn't always like that...I got let go from my first corporate sales job at 28. I was miserable, sad, and anxious in that job every single day. Not the way to live, I woke up nervous every single morning until...BAM it was all over (scratches head). But I wasn't sad? I WAS RELIEVED!! Holy cow I could breathe again, I could really take back my life and do anything I wanted to do.

Insert when I became a coach!! We know this story, but just in case we don’t. I was looking for what it was that lit me up, that gave me purpose, something that I knew I was meant to others!

3 months of being funemployed (because I had the most relaxing time) were up! I found a new job, with incredible people and a company that has extremely strong values. Well that seemed to align perfectly! And a year and a half later, here I am!!




Anxiety Free (on most days, no one is perfect)


Are You...

Constantly living on the edge in fear, wondering if this will be your last paycheck?

Struggling to make a jump in your career but nervous about what it could cost you?

Just plain stuck, thinking this CAN NOT be it?


Do You...

Wake up in agonizing dread walking slowly to splash some cold water on your face, throw your hair up, crack open that laptop and open your emails...only to pray that the day starts off on a good start?

Constantly feel like your voice isn't being heard?

Lacking confidence and self doubting your abilities?

Self sabotaging yourself before someone else can?

Playing small because if you play big and fail, in your eyes they will look down on you?

If this is you, I promise you there is a way. Your anxiety does not define who you are as a person. You deserve to own the table, not just a seat at someone elses.

Conquer Today!

Anxiety does not have to define you, it's time you gained control and take back your life


“Our life is what our thoughts make it”

Marcus Aurelius


Apply Today

I hear you, I see you, I am you. Regain the strength the tell your anxiety to hit the road, because you have a life to live now. Let's get you started!

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